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Tamara J Smith - Professional Clinical Counselor in Cincinnati, Ohio

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I have conducted more than 150 seminars on a wide variety of topics and would be happy to share information with you about any of the topics below. Contact me if you would like to talk further about arranging a seminar for your group or organization. 

  • Make My Day: Handling conflict without breaking a sweat
  • Humor and Health: Exploring the connection between health, humor, and a positive attitude
  • Best Ways to Defuse Anger and Calm People Down
  • Angry All the Time: Taking responsibility for understanding and managing your anger
  • Tips to Handle Bullying: How to respond effectively to bugging, badgering and other bothersome behaviors
  • Delivering Feedback: Principles of healthy communication
  • Coping with Criticism: It's a reality of life; learn how to receive it
    with grace and respond to it effectively
  • Difficult Conversations: Increasing the odds of success
  • Lessons in Love for Parents: a presentation on parenting and discipline including techniques of positive limit setting, instilling values, and effective problem solving
  • Stand Up for Yourself: Assertiveness skills
  • Keep your Sunny Side Up: Enhancing optimism
  • Making a Connection with Courage: Encouraging courageous action
  • Oh No! Now I Have Guilt!: Reducing destructive guilt